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Close up of the brake disc on a white car

Brake Inspections and Replacements near Washington DC

Making sure your brakes are in working order is vital to your safety. However, it isn’t always clear on when you should get your brakes replaced. If you are questioning the life of your brakes and are near the Washington DC area, bring your car in to Sheehy Auto Stores! If your brakes have gone bad, our team at experts will be hard at work to get you back on the road.

What are the Signs of Bad Brakes in a Car?

There are many signs that you will need your brakes inspected and replaced. First, you may find that your brake light turns on. This means that either you are due for an inspection or your vehicle detected a problem with your brakes. Another major sign is if you notice any squeaking, squealing, or grinding noises as you apply the brakes. This can indicate that the pads are completely worn, and metal is now scraping on metal. This sign is very serious and can lead to more expensive repairs if you don’t take your car in right away.

Another sign of bad brakes is vibration in your steering wheel or brake pedal when you apply the brakes. This suggests that metal is rubbing on metal and your rotors can get warped if you continue to wait. Finally, if you notice that you are pressing harder on the brakes or require more time to brake, your brake pads are nearing or at the end of its life. No matter the sign, if you notice any of these symptoms then you need to take your car in for a brake replacement immediately.

Do you think your brakes are going bad? Stop by Sheehy Auto Stores to have our friendly team of specialists take a close look. If your brakes are worn, we will get them replaced for you quickly while still maintaining our high standards of quality service.

Mechanic working on the brakes of a car lifted into the air
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