The text "Happy Mother's Day" with flowers in the background

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Home

Things to Do for Mother’s Day While in Quarantine

Are your mom’s favorite shops, restaurants, and salons closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Wondering what you’re going to do for Mother’s Day this year? Thankfully, you can still make her Mother’s Day feel special right at home. Here are a few ideas of things to do for Mother’s Day while in quarantine.

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Plate of breakfast foods

Prepare a Delicious Breakfast

Give mom a break from cooking today. Treat her with her favorite breakfast foods, like pancakes, eggs, sausage, fruits, and toast. Whether you decide to keep it at the table or bring it to her bed is up to you. Have kids that are old enough to help? Make the task more fun by getting family members to help prep the ingredients and make the meal. If you don’t know how to cook something, follow online recipes or cooking videos.

Bouquet of pink flowers

Gift Flowers and Creative Presents

Every mom loves getting a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day. With social distancing now in place, we recommend finding a local flower shop that offers pickup or delivery and scheduling your order ahead of time. In addition, you can also make her feel even more special by getting creative presents, such as custom mugs and blankets.

Three fruit cocktails in wine glasses

Serve Cocktails and Snacks

As you go through the day, mom may want to relax with a drink and a quick bite to eat. Serve her favorite cocktails or wine along with some of her favorite snacks. A few popular snack ideas include cheese and crackers, homemade bakery treats like cookies or cake, and chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Mother's Day flower craft and gift

Make Crafts

Help your mom remember this Mother’s Day with some creative and fun crafting. A few ideas you can do include scrapbooking, painting on a canvas, and organizing family pictures on a collage. Surprise her with your art and help your kids make something special. If you prefer to do something with her, find a craft that she wants to try to learn or that she really enjoys doing.

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